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Let’s Grow our Greenspire Community
2021-2022 / Middle & High School

Great news! Our PTO is almost 100% official. In our last meeting, we have approved our By Laws, and we now officially have our board.

In the last Greenspire School Board meeting, we have officially dissolved the SSC as a board committee. This means that the Greenspire PTO has the appropriate separation from the school for us to make the choices and concerns we need to bolster what the school can do without being tied with the same restrictions the school has. This is incredibly exciting!

There will be large updates to our website up-to-and-including the web address, and name. I will keep this site updated so you know where to go when we get there.

Who are we?/Mission Statement

Attend our next meeting:
July 14, 2022 6pm

Ways that you can help!
Meal Train:
Middle School Donation Sign Up:
Middle School Amazon Wish List:
High School Donation Sign Up:
High School Amazon Wish List:

Are you interested? Do you have skills that can support? Please let me know, we would LOVE to have your help! With each event/activity, we work to assemble a team of people, so don’t assume signing up is a solo mission. We will try to get pairs or groups to accomplish each goal.

  • Middle School
    • Teacher Appreciation. — Success
    • Coffee and Tea for Teachers/Staff — Success
    • If we can make it happen, school events — Success
  • High School
    • Teacher Appreciation — Success
    • Coffee and Tea for Teachers/Staff — Success
    • If we can make it happen, school events — The students made these happen, so we supported in other ways. — Success
  • Officially set us up as a PTO — Success
  • SSC Communications / Outreach — Ongoing
  • Explore ways the SSC can grow and help our students, staff, and parents. — Ongoing
  • I would love to come up with a fund raiser or two. — On Going


Join our Facebook Group

The Greenspire School – Student Support Council:

The Greenspire School:


Please check out the Smartphones resources:

Here is a video that was sent out by our Head of School.

Care to Join the SSC? Have questions or concerns?

Please Email:
Marco Cabrera

Kat Eldred